The Three Hour Transformation

250x250-clock-faceChange Your Life in as Few as 180 Minutes

Does walking into your office create stress and make you anxious?

Do you have too much to do, too little time to do it? (I call it “The Terrible Toos”).

Maybe it’s time to hire a Professional Organizer for help.

In over 30 years as a Professional Organizer, I have learned that the biggest obstacle to people getting organized is: TAKING THE FIRST STEP.

The 3 Hour Transformation is my best seller and a great way to get results fast.

You’ll see a difference immediately and be on your way to being more productive with less work related stress.

  • We’ll get rid of the clutter and paperwork on your desk
  • We’ll turn those piles into organized, easy-to-use files
  • We’ll create an action file
  • We’ll review your existing filing system and improve it
  • I’ll show you how to better plan your time

When we’re all done you might even look forward to going to work Monday morning!

  • You’ll feel better
  • You’ll have more time for other things!
  • You’ll be a NEW PERSON


Imagine changing the way you work and becoming more productive and actually ENJOYING your work more than you ever dreamed imaginable!

Imagine having time off because you’re all caught up!

Imagine a day relaxing on the golf course, a day at the beach, a day of shopping, or taking an afternoon off just to read one of your favorite books.

These are just some of the benefits you’ll enjoy after experiencing an Organization Plus 3 Hour Transformation.

Three Hour Transformation Success Story From Karen Ansara, Ansara Family Foundation

“Nancy Black created an efficient, color-coded, active, desk-top filing system for current projects. Because of the colors and easy access, it is a joy to maintain. Now only one in-box overflows! She helped me think about what I needed in eyesight on my bulletin board, and urged me to cull the out-of-date notices. She organized my bookshelves to create empty spaces so that my life doesn’t appear totally filled! Nancy has been a joy to work with, and a source of encouragement to live a more balanced life.”

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