Busy Entreprenuer Gets Organized & Eliminates Clutter

Case Study
Problem: Office Organization and Clutter Control
Solution: Three Hour Transformation

Client Mind Mapping where his time goes.

Time Management Analysis
Thinking through where his time goes.
Most people are doing more than they give themselves credit for.

Before: 8:30 AM
See Mind Map that client created on clipboard.

Helping client think through what categories he needs in his Action File.

Creating customized labels is part of the process.

Anthony thinking through how hanging file folder tabs should be labeled.

These action files were color coded to
easily identify his 5 businesses.

Nancy creating labels.

Behind this action file are clearly labeled binders for some of the papers that were in plies on the desk.
Now it is easy to process the loose papers.

Be sure to SHRED confidential documents,
credit card solicitations, etc.

The bank statements seem to multiply.

Sorting months of bank statements.

Action Items are at his finger tips.
Important to-do list right behind them.

After 11:30.
Another Successful 3 Hour Transformation.

Anthony is smiling and said he feels relieved now that he is “clutter free”.
He was amazed at what we did in only 3 hours!


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