Satisfied Clients Say…  

enterprise-center-logo“I have known Nancy Black for many years and admired her business savvy. Finally, my office was just too much and I turned to her to help me create order out of the chaos. Frankly I didn’t think it was possible. But in two mornings she showed me and we did it – and it’s just amazing. Efficiency is really a function of order. It is much easier now to focus on what needs to be done, to find what I need, and to enjoy my surroundings. I’m more efficient and effective. So thank you, Nancy. You’ve performed a small miracle.”

Christine B. Sullivan, CEO
Enterprise Center at Salem State University

beverly-chamber-01“When the Beverly Chamber of Commerce moved into the Cummings Center we were pressed for time to get everything up in running within a day.  Our  supplies were put on the shelves , without a plan, making it very difficult to find paperwork, pencils, staplers and important paperwork. We asked Nancy Black from Organization Plus to help us organize our supplies so that we could get back up and running.  Within a short amount of time – our storage area had organized cabinets, labeled shelves, and everyday supplies separated into clear boxes.  We were up in running that day.  In the big picture – Nancy organized our storage area that supported us in the long run.  We can now find supplies easily and our staff and volunteers spend minimal time in the storage area organizing or looking for materials.  This has saved the Chamber time and money.“

John Somes, Executive Director
Greater Beverly Chamber of Commerce

“The work that you have done with me has allowed me to progress professionally, because not only do you set up systems for time management and organization, but you teach people how to hold themselves accountable and how to evaluate and update these systems periodically. In addition your business advice has been invaluable because you not only have been a “sounding board” and business advisor but you are also a mentor to me.”

Fran Dichner
CEO/President R&L Associates, Inc.

“Nancy Black created an efficient, color-coded, active, desk-top filing system for current projects. Because of the colors and easy access, it is a joy to maintain. Now only one in-box overflows! She helped me think about what I needed in eyesight on my bulletin board, and urged me to cull the out-of-date notices. She organized my bookshelves to create empty spaces so that my life doesn’t appear totally filled! Nancy has been a joy to work with, and a source of encouragement to live a more balanced life.”

Karen Ansara
Ansara Family Foundation (Three Hour Transformation Success Story)

“Ten years ago, I called Nancy to de-clutter my office. Since then she has worked with me and my staff on numerous organizing projects.  Most recently she helped us get organized to move to our new office. Because she worked with each staff member to assess the efficiency of their workspace before the move, their cubicles were designed to meet their individual needs. She even organized our supply cabinets, and kitchen area in the new office. The greatest value of her service was the smooth transition from one office to another. I would highly recommend her.

p.s. She has also helped me with organizing projects in my home.

Orit Goldstein, President
Ozzy Properties

“You have helped me identify problems that are too close for me to see… The company has grown 600% in 7 years without falling apart…I attribute a large part of our success to the work we have done with you.”
– Corporate Treasurer

“One of my employees was in progressive discipline and heading toward termination because tasks kept falling through the cracks. Your 3 Hour Jump Start consulting gave our employee the organizational tools to turn her performance around. Years later we still have a happy, loyal and productive employee. The return on the money we gave you was incredible.”
– Office Manager, Retirement Planning Company

“Feels great to be able to work in an organized office.”
– V.P. International Investment Management Firm

“Your excellent analysis of our needs and your laser-like focus make every minute we spend with you productive. Your business suggestions have resulted in income far in excess of your fees.”
– President, Cosmetic Company

“I needed help organizing the paper flow and systems in my home office and was lucky to find Nancy on the professional organizers’ web site. She was creative, flexible and expert and in just three hours I got all the systems and ideas I needed to make a big change. Now my work and personal papers are organized, my bill-pay system is perfect and I finally feel in control of my desk instead of the other way around. I highly recommend Nancy!”
– Sales Rep, Merck & Company, Inc.

“The best feature of your service is your willingness to put your organizing concepts to work immediately.” – Math Teacher

“You helped us develop a dynamic plan of action to address our weaknesses.” – Quality Administrator, Real Estate Development Company

“Your expertise in time management has produced some dramatic changes in our organization.”
– Executive Director, Regional YMCA

“Your excellent analysis of our needs and your laser-like focus make every minute we spend with you productive. Your business suggestions have resulted in income far in excess of your fees.”
– Cosmetic Company

“Your ideas and methods on delegating and time management have helped us to maintain our organizational approach to keeping our growth and expansion on schedule.”
– Principal, Photographic Lab

“Thanks for the coaching to keep space/balance in my life.”
– Polarity Therapist

“You helped me see the obvious.”
– Principal, Consulting Company

“I was a bit skeptical about engaging the services of a professional organizer…but I’m completely won over. Nancy identified our target problem areas and developed a dynamic plan of action.”
– President & CEO, Financial Services Company

“Rather than just coming in and cleaning up, Nancy gave me a system to get organized and stay organized.”
– Investment Broker

“I am much more relaxed now that I learned to download my mind and use my action files.”
– Computer/Business Consultant

And more…

“I am so comfortable working with you because of your flexibility and versatility to create systems that are compatible with our learning and life styles. My husband was so happy to see our granite counter tops again and our organized kitchen “junk drawers” with labeled sections.  I always feel better after you’ve been here.”
– Professional Couple / Business Owner & Office Executive

“Your organizing systems and selection of organizing products to suit our needs has transformed our home from chaos to calm. Working with us to identify where our time goes has been invaluable in scheduling work and personal activities that relate to our values.”
– Couple Living Hectic Life Style

“Thank you Nancy for the 3 Hour Transformation. I love my action files and they have really put me into action. My file cabinet is cleared out and ready for new files. It was difficult for me to get rid of Zachary’s stuff but it was cleansing to clear the space physically and emotionally.”
– Zachary Crawford Tribute Fund at Dana Farber Cancer Institute

“I sort of lost myself as our family illness just swamped everything. I am proud to say your system is working WONDERFULLY for me It has kept my head above water!”
– Executive at a Publishing Company



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