Turn Your Piles Into Files

Turn Your Piles Into Files

Organization Plus empowers small business owners, business executives, and employers with tools of effective organization – the keys to increased productivity, decreased anxiety, cost savings and heightened morale within their organizations.

Organization Plus can help you take your “piles and turn them into files”, with the end result being:

  • you are more effective at what you do
  • can do it in less time, and are
  • less overwhelmed
  • with less stress while you work

aTake a tour of our “before and after” gallery and see what we’ve done for others… and why Organization Plus can help you.

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Studies show that disorganized working areas cost money, cause unnecessary stress, reduce productivity, and negatively impact employee retention.

Organization Plus specializes in helping our clients:

  • Organize their workspace
  • Manage workflow and priorities
  • Improve productivity
  • Increase their effectiveness
  • Save money and time

aIs this anyway to start the day? Does this look like your desk? Where is that proposal that you need to fax before lunch?

It’s Monday Morning at 8:00AM.

Piles of paper in four different places, invoices stuck between proposals, and sticky notes are everywhere.

Important papers are lost in three inch deep stacks of paper and difficult, or impossible, to find.

It’s time to call Organization Plus.


The 3 Hour Transformation

In only 3 hours, Organization Plus can help you transform even the most disorganized situations into an organized system that will allow you to enjoy your work, be more productive, and reduce or eliminate job stress and anxiety.

“I thought I had everything under control until I lost out on a job because I sent the wrong proposal. Being disorganized was not only hurting my bottom line, but making me look bad to my existing customers” (A formerly disorganized Entrepreneur).

aIt starts by getting to know you and how you currently work.

Organization Plus won’t tell you HOW to do your job, you already know how to do that.

We specialize in helping you learn how to do your work more effectively by being organized and establishing workflow systems that are proven effective. In only 3 hours, Organization Plus can help you go from this…to this…

aYES, This is the Same Office from Above! It’s 11:00AM.

Only three hours after arriving on site. The sticky notes are gone. So are piles of paper.

The proposal due by noon will be delivered on time. No problem!

A workflow system has been created and implemented. It’s easy to use. It’s even fun.

The desk is clean, the files are organized and it’s easy to find everything.
In only three short hours you can change the way you work with a little help from Organization Plus. Most of our clients have tried and tried to “get organized”, to “clean up” their office. Sometimes it requires professional help.

Invest in yourself, or your employees, and be happier, more productive, and actually enjoy your work more than you ever before. It takes as little as three hours – with the Organization Plus “3 Hour Transformation”.


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