Virtual Organizing

virtual-organizer-02If you need help getting organized and think it’s time to hire a professional, but can’t work the 4-6 hour sessions in your schedule right now, my VIRTUAL ORGANIZING services are the perfect solution.


  • Organizing Workspace
  • Paper Management
  • Time Management


  • Clutter Control
  • Paper Pile-up
  • Time Management

What is a Virtual Organizer?

Virtual organizing allows you to consult with me by phone and email while completing a step-by-step process of getting organized and clutter-free on your own time. It also costs less when compared to onsite visits.

Instead of working with you at your home, home office, or business office, we’ll work together online, via the Internet, using email and by phone.

Virtual Organization is the perfect option for people who don’t need to work with me “on site,” but still want the support of a Professional Organizer to get their home, home office, or even business office organized and clutter-free.

Virtual Organization is also the perfect solution for those who do not have a professional organizer nearby – I work with people from across the United States and around the world!

Who is a Good Candidate for Virtual Organizing?

  • You might be more of a do-it-yourself type person.
  • You know how to self-motivate yourself.
  • You don’t have a lot of time or feel that it is necessary to meet face-to-face at your home or business.
  • You know that getting organized is a great investment, but you are on a budget.
  • You are comfortable communicating by phone and using email.
  • You can send photos of your space to me via email.

“Nancy helped to keep this working mother of two sane! I contacted Nancy for a virtual organizing consult because I was tired of seeing toys all over the playroom floor with no place to put them to keep them organized. Our cluttered closet was a mess with toys piled high to the ceiling and no extra space for more. My husband and I both work full time and don’t have an opportunity to run around to various stores to find organizing products nor would we even know where to start or what to buy. Nancy assured me that all I would need to do was send her digital photos and she could suggest exactly what I needed to buy to organize it most efficiently. She exceeded my expectations and sent me links to websites so that I could see what to buy and where it could be purchased. Two weeks later the toy closet was organized, the toys were off the floor and has been clutter free ever since. This is one happy “type A” working mother!” – Virtual Consultation Client

How It Works

We’ll start with an initial phone call to discuss your organizing challenges.

I don’t believe there is a one-solution-fits-all approach to getting organized and staying organized, so I’ll want to learn about YOUR lifestyle – how you live, work, how you use your space.

I’ll need pictures of the different areas we are going to work on BEFORE this conversation. After this initial assessment, I’ll create a detailed action plan for you. It will outline step-by step what you will want to do. It will be easy to use and easy to follow!

I’ll also share organizing product recommendations, space planning ideas, and other advice and recommendations that will help you get organized and clutter-free fast and effectively. About a week after that conversation, or at a time that is best for you, we’ll reconnect to review what you have done. By then you’ll probably have some NEW pictures! Along the way I will act as your accountability coach throughout the virtual organizing process.

“It was amazing that after reviewing digital photos of my office, you were able to advise me on how to reorganize my workspace and improve my paper flow systems in our virtual consultation. Your recommending specific organizing products and emailing me links to websites where I could see them was fantastic! For the first time in my life I knew exactly what organizing products to buy. Thank you for simplifying my life.” – Virtual Consultation Client

For more information call me at (978) 922-6136 or use the inquiry form on this page and I will follow-up with you promptly.

Nancy Black
Organization Plus
(978) 922-6136


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